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Navigating Family Holiday Gatherings with Self-Awareness

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Do you dread family gatherings?

Would you rather not go?

Do you have a mean relative or three that you'd rather not see?

This booklet is for you!

Feeling like you don't have a choice but to attend the holiday chaos sucks. Let's be honest. But what I want to show you is that you do have a choice. You can take your power back.

You aren't stuck! You can go or not go. You can leave early or go late. You have choices. Sometimes you don't like the choices, but you have them.

In this booklet I'm talking about this very common scenario that pops up over the holidays and I'm offering some suggestions for how to see things differently, how to potentially manage the experience a bit better and break the cycle, and also how to free yourself to make the choice you want to make instead of the choice you think you have to make.

If you struggle with those holiday gatherings - you need this 19-page PDF. It's completely printable and only $1.55 CAD.

Grab your copy today and maybe make a new choice for the coming Christmas parties!

Love to all.


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