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When we have an experience in life that we don't like, our natural defense is to make up a lot of stories about it. We take on a lot of pain. We argue that the experience shouldn't have happened.

What I've come to learn is that when I react badly to an experience it's because there is an underlying trigger there that I need to work through. There is a reason why that experience caused pain and it's not just because of what other people are saying or doing. It's because of my own interpretation of the experience.

If the experience is neutral and my reaction is not neutral, then something is getting in the way. My job is to figure out what that is. What I've learned is that what gets in the way is my own pain. My work is to heal that.

This workbook takes you through a process of seeing the experience a little bit differently so that you can find the trigger within yourself. It's going to point out the trigger and show you all the stories you're telling about that experience.

It's not about what happens in your life. It's about what you do with that experience within yourself. That's what I want to try to show you - what are you doing with the experience within yourself? This workbook attempts to highlight that for you.

You'll have 3 attempts to download the workbook. It is in PDF format and it is printable. If you have any questions or need any assistance, don't be afraid to reach out.

Love to all.


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