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The Fun House Mirror of Life

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Our perception of our realities is distorted, much like a fun house mirror.




By the stories we tell about our experiences as we try to justify them and defend ourselves from future pain.


The stories cause us to see things through a filter of pain that isn't true. The experience just is. We can't change it, fix it, or do anything about it. That means that we have to learn to leave experience alone and instead manage what we do with the experiences within ourselves.


The idea behind this little booklet is to help you see where your own perspective might be skewed. Where are you looking through a fun house mirror at the experiences of your own life? Can you shift that?


Changing it takes work. You have to be open to dropping the guard so that you're no longer defending yourself from that perception of potential pain. When you do that and you start to see your wonky perception, it makes life clearer and easier to understand. It makes life less painful.


If you're wanting to clear up your perception of your own life, this booklet is a good place to start.


The file is a 29 page PDF that you'll be able to download and print. Click the Buy Now button to have the booklet sent to your email.


If you have trouble, please feel free to reach out to me. I'm happy to help.


Thanks for checking out my work.


Love to all.



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