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Refund Policy

Refunds will be issued only for unused time or blocks of time. Time includes all text or voice messages and live chat or video chat, privately or as a group. Time used is charged at a rate of $175 CAD per hour.

Every program or service has a Frequently Asked Questions section which outlines the refund policy for that specific program.

Refunds can be issued for cancelled appointments when requested. The calendar will not automatically refund the client. The client must reach out using the Contact Form on this website to initiate a refund.

Clients that do not give me notice, do not show up and subsequently request a refund will have to pay a cancellation fee of $75 CAD for not showing up and not notifying me of the cancellation with at least 48 hours notice. If this happens more than once, clients will be barred from booking further sessions with me.

Refunds will not be issued following any scheduled appointment or reading that was attended by or received by the client in part or in full.

All refunds will be made via PayPal.

Refunds will be issued within 48 hours of the request being received.