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Expressing Political Opinions Online

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You have a political opinion. We all do.

Expressing them online is a little like asking to be beaten up. The blow back from most political opinions these days is swift and intense.

What is a person to do?

Many of us have closed up shop and stopped posting our opinions. That's okay. But my question is, did you victimize yourself when you did it? Did you make up some story about how crazy people are and all the problems with social media?

If you did, then let's talk about it.

In this short 20-page PDF I'm talking about how to shift your perspective so that it doesn't victimize you, specifically as it relates to posting those political opinions we all have.


You can download it for free or pay any amount you want! The suggested price is $0.99 CAD.

You'll have 3 tries to get the PDF file downloaded to someplace you can find it. If you're struggling, just reach out. I'm happy to send it to you via email.

Thanks for reading!

Love to all.


You will get a PDF (185KB) file