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The Art of Self Mastery
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Whether you want to change your life completely or you simply want to find a way to be okay in the life you're in, The Art of Self-Mastery offers the reader a way to gain some control over their own mind, emotions, and behavior.The Art of Self-Mastery is a collection of essays written by Della Wren, that combine both Della's personal stories of her own healing journey and some practical advice on how the reader can follow the journey for themselves. The book focuses on our perception and perspective of the world around us. Seeing reality clearly, without the stories of blame, shame, guilt, and victimization that so many people tell, provides a clarity and peace of mind that is often not readily available to people that are caught up in the drama of their day-to-day experience.Order on Amazon today!

Question Everything

The mind makes up stories about the experiences we have in our lives. Those stories, which include our judgments about what happened, how we felt about the experience, and also all of our past experiences, help to encourage us to hang onto the pain of those experiences. By questioning both our thoughts and feelings, we can begin to release some of these stories, let go of past pain, while learning to feel better in the life we have.

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Boundaries and Triggers

Boundaries and triggers.Are yours healthy?Do you react badly or often feel threatened by other people?What if I told you that this was a pain response that you actually had control over?What if I told you that you could heal this?In this 28 page booklet, I'm talking about what triggers and boundaries are, why most of the time they are unhealthy, and what healthy boundaries would actually look like.Yes, you will have to heal and do the work.Ready?Click the Buy Now button to have the booklet sent to your email.Thanks for reading and supporting my work.Love to all.Della

Expressing Political Opinions Online

You have a political opinion. We all do.Expressing them online is a little like asking to be beaten up. The blow back from most political opinions these days is swift and intense.What is a person to do?Many of us have closed up shop and stopped posting our opinions. That's okay. But my question is, did you victimize yourself when you did it? Did you make up some story about how crazy people are and all the problems with social media?If you did, then let's talk about it.In this short 20-page PDF I'm talking about how to shift your perspective so that it doesn't victimize you, specifically as it relates to posting those political opinions we all have.Curious?Click the Buy Now button to have the booklet sent to your email.Thanks for reading!Love to all.Della


We all hesitate on making choices at one time or another. Have you ever considered why that happens? Did the hesitation make you run away from the choice? Would you like to stop doing that?This 30-page e-book takes you through the thinking that makes you hesitate. In the book we'll talk about:The argument with it.How to shift your perspective.What hesitation is and why we do it.How to stop doing it.This short, little e-book offers you massive insights into hesitation and what to do about it!Click the Buy Now button to have the booklet sent to your email.Thank you so much for your interest in my work.Love to all.Della

The Fun House Mirror of Life

Our perception of our realities is distorted, much like a fun house mirror.How?By the stories we tell about our experiences as we try to justify them and defend ourselves from future pain.The stories cause us to see things through a filter of pain that isn't true. The experience just is. We can't change it, fix it, or do anything about it. That means that we have to learn to leave experience alone and instead manage what we do with the experiences within ourselves.The idea behind this little booklet is to help you see where your own perspective might be skewed. Where are you looking through a fun house mirror at the experiences of your own life? Can you shift that?Changing it takes work. You have to be open to dropping the guard so that you're no longer defending yourself from that perception of potential pain. When you do that and you start to see your wonky perception, it makes life clearer and easier to understand. It makes life less painful.If you're wanting to clear up your perception of your own life, this booklet is a good place to start.The file is a 29 page PDF that you'll be able to download and print. Click the Buy Now button to have the booklet sent to your email.If you have trouble, please feel free to reach out to me. I'm happy to help.Thanks for checking out my work.Love to all.Della

The Story You Tell

When we have an experience in life that we don't like, our natural defense is to make up a lot of stories about it. We take on a lot of pain. We argue that the experience shouldn't have happened.What I've come to learn is that when I react badly to an experience it's because there is an underlying trigger there that I need to work through. There is a reason why that experience caused pain and it's not just because of what other people are saying or doing. It's because of my own interpretation of the experience.If the experience is neutral and my reaction is not neutral, then something is getting in the way. My job is to figure out what that is. What I've learned is that what gets in the way is my own pain. My work is to heal that.This workbook takes you through a process of seeing the experience a little bit differently so that you can find the trigger within yourself. It's going to point out the trigger and show you all the stories you're telling about that experience.It's not about what happens in your life. It's about what you do with that experience within yourself. That's what I want to try to show you - what are you doing with the experience within yourself? This workbook attempts to highlight that for you.Click the Buy Now button to have the booklet sent to your email.Love to all.Della

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