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The Art of Self Mastery Cover

The Art of Self-Mastery

Whether you want to change your life completely or you simply want to find a way to be okay in the life you're in, The Art of Self-Mastery offers the reader a way to gain some control over their own mind, emotions, and behavior.

The Art of Self-Mastery is a collection of essays written by Della Wren, that combine both Della's personal stories of her own healing journey and some practical advice on how the reader can follow the journey for themselves. The book focuses on our perception and perspective of the world around us. Seeing reality clearly, without the stories of blame, shame, guilt, and victimization that so many people tell, provides a clarity and peace of mind that is often not readily available to people that are caught up in the drama of their day-to-day experience.

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Question Everything Cover

Question Everything

The mind makes up stories about the experiences we have in our lives. Those stories, which include our judgments about what happened, how we felt about the experience, and also all of our past experiences, help to encourage us to hang onto the pain of those experiences. By questioning both our thoughts and feelings, we can begin to release some of these stories, let go of past pain, while learning to feel better in the life we have.

Topical Thought Provokers

These short reads are all PDF downloads available here. They are designed to help you question your thinking, not tell you what to think. You choose your own adventure!

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The Justification Block




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